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Our competitive teams offer all inclusive pricing, unlimited tumbling, and unmatched value

At Blue Ridge Cheer Company, our goal when creating teams is to place individual athletes where they can most benefit the team while also promoting personal development and self confidence. We always want to give our athletes a chance to perform and compete with the greatest chance at success, with better-than-average opportunities. We place our teams carefully with every athlete in mind, in order to give each athlete an experience that will last a lifetime. 

Teams are formed based off skill, age, experience, and maturity. We accept all athletes ages 3-18 with no experience necessary. We offer 3 levels of commitment for full year teams:

Elite: Ages 7-18 including 6-8 local, regional, national or competitions 

Prep: Ages 5-8 including 5 local or regional competitions

Novice: Ages 3-4 including 3 local competitions 

(local: within 1 hour, regional: within 3 hours, national: within 9 hours)

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